A monthly blog from our MD, Michael Spoors. Michael has a passion for customer service and he would like to share his thoughts on changes in our business and the wider industry.


I’ll give you all I’ve got to give……..

………………………If you say you love me too!

Ever tried to analyse what great customer service is? To give your staff a definition in a couple of sentences that is easy to understand, easy to execute and delivers every time?
I think every company strives to deliver ‘Great Customer Service’. It’s almost the go to phrase for most companies on their literature, web sites and social media. After all, surely all customers want a great service. I’m yet to see anyone advertise bad service. But what is this mythical thing we all strive to deliver?

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How do you make sure your staff are competent?

The report, Raising the Bar – part of the post Grenfell review In the construction industry has resulted in the formation of a Competence Steering Group for High Rise Residential Buildings (HRRB). It is designed to ensure all companies and stakeholders responsible for the design, construction, refurbishment, and maintenance of such buildings are trained to a competence level relevant to their role.

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We’ve come a long long way together…….Through the hard times and the good.

It’s got to be the strangest start to a year I’ve ever experienced. I was fully geared up last month to tell you how Norseal were going to take on all door sealing challenges 2021 could throw at us.

I stared at my screen…nothing! I frequently avoided calls from marketing asking where the hell my blog was. I even occasionally lied “I’ve just finished it!” hoping the creative juices would once again flow…nothing!

Maybe I could get away with using an old one…does anyone actually read these bloody things?

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All I want for Christmas is you…

… to leave me alone so I can get over 2020 in a darkened room.

In tradition with year-end, many will be dusting off their old anecdote book to write a fond recap of the previous year. Listening to Cliff on the radio whilst wearing their Christmas jumper and sipping their mulled wine. This year I opted for the ‘P*#s off and leave me alone’ jumper, Slipknot on Alexa and something a little stronger to drink.

So, deep breath and this was us – Norseal 2020! (apologies for the mild Christmas references. I’m trying to get in the spirit.)

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So Tell Me What You Want, What You Really Really Want!

For some time we have been telling you what we have been getting up to at Norseal. We’ve introduced Self Serve, our online trade account system. Bespoke drop seal cutting, our recently released Fire Stopping range and our soon to come fire door inspection app, Inspect…..all phenomenal ideas in my opinion. And that’s the problem, it’s my opinion!

Naturally, these developments were introduced in conjunction with customers, but not with all of our customer base so it is now time we spoke to you.

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Shut That Door!

So here we are at the close of Fire Door Safety Week. A week where we have seen the industry become alive with awareness and advice for anyone responsible for building safety and employee wellbeing. Great advice it has been too.

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It’s the End of the World as We Know it!… I Feel Fine!

Well, there has been a lot of talk recently about how we are now officially in our worst recession in history and the worst recession of any G7 country. We also have the highest Covid death rate of any European country.

On top of that, everyone’s rights are more equal than anyone else, if we leave the country we might not get back unless we take a dinghy from France; our students have been robbed of their future; the polar ice cap will melt and will drown us all and we’re all going to hell in a handcart.

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Dude, where’s my surfboard?

Anybody else wondering what the hell they are going to do when the second wave comes?

It’s almost like we’ve come to the end of the book. People have translated it in different ways to suit their business, their budget or ambitions but all the same they started at chapter 1, ‘Crisis’ got through those difficult middle chapters where nothing new happened and got to the last chapter ‘ Recovery’, where the end was in sight. The time you can’t wait to finish and start skipping a few paragraphs and pages. I DON’T WANT TO READ IT AGAIN!

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The Times, They Are a-Changin…

They say it takes 21 days to create a habit and 90 days for it to be part of your lifestyle. This got me wondering, now we’ve been in this current situation and approaching this time how many new habits have we created, are we totally new people or did we forget to seize the opportunity and now thinking it’s all too late.

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Hello… Is There Anybody Out There?

When I first started these blogs I was unsure of who would read them and who would care about them.

Was this a vanity project or do they have a purpose. I finally decided that as an open and progressive company we should tell our customers what we are up to and allow them to add a personality to their supplier. Little did any of us know 2 months later we would be locked up at home with far greater things on our mind than the meandering muses of a blog fantasist.

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Ben would rather live in a theme a park than a zoo. He loves to play basketball and has a real passion for music.

Ben Spoors

Sales Admin

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Neil is an FA qualified coach and volunteer of grass roots football. As a self-declared mountain climbing and camping legend, he would rather have a third arm than third eye!

Neil Smeatom

Operations Manager

Kelly is an animal lover and would rather skip than run for the rest of her life. You won’t find her skipping around shops though as she hates shopping!

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Simon Sutton

Head of Sales

Andrea loves dogs and her favourite animal sound is her Labrador snoring! She is also a self-declared wine’o’holic!

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Sales Admin Team Leader

Alan is a fan of brown sauce and an even bigger fan of Newcastle United! In his spare time his favourite hobby is cycling.

Alan Spark


Lea loves going to the gym! He also loves socialising with friends with some good food and drink; if he opened his own bar he would call it ‘The Four Horses’ because by spending too much time there the wife will nag, nag, nag, nag!

Lea Cameron


If Michael had to choose an animal sidekick it would be a wolf! He has a passion for education within our industry and he also has a love for live music.

Michael Spoors

Managing Director

If Heidi had to, she wouldn’t mind losing her nose, as she hates strange smells! Despite any smells she loves spending time at the beach, and she makes a mean lasagne.

Heidi Harrison

Business Development East

Sophie has a love for interiors and styling. A proper foodie, she loves going out to a good place to eat and given the choice she would rather have mouse ears than a giraffe’s neck!

Sophie Westlake

Business Development West

Neil, he is a qualified butcher and carpenter, but his roots are firmly in sales with his first job selling Lotto tickets at Peterborough United! Make sure you give him plenty of room as he is most scared of tight enclosed spaces.

Neil Webb

Business Development Manager

Ryan enjoys listening to rap music as well as going archaeology magnet fishing! If he ever bumped into Donald Trump he would say “It came from CHINA!”

Ryan Gillon


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Reece Marshall


Alison loves completing Suduko puzzles and getting lost in a good book. Given the choice she would rather go forward than back in time.

Alison Donaldson


Gary would rather wake up with animal arms than an animal’s bum; this may help him on adventures, as he has been in both an ice cave and a lava cave! He also owns over 3000 vinyls.

Gary Power


Anneka has three fish called Steve, Boris and Fart-face! She once knocked herself out playing hockey by running into the goal post, but she makes a better lasagne than Heidi!

Anneka Anderson

Finance Admin

Tony loves going to heavy rock gigs and festivals. His favourite cowboy is Clint Eastwood, but more than anything he loves to spend time with his 3 grandchildren.

Tony Stewart


Lea loves going to the gym! He also loves socialising with friends with some good food and drink; if he opened his own bar he would call it ‘The Four Horses’ because by spending too much time there the wife will nag, nag, nag, nag!

Lea Cameron


Rays favourite superhero is Super Gran! He loves travelling to America but his true love is rugby.

Ray Spoors

Sales Admin

Jacob thinks it would be cooler to ride to work on a giraffe than a donkey. He has ‘Team Lush’ tattooed on his leg and 5 piercings, but you can only see 3!

Jacob Hopkins

Sales Admin