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Why Merchants can’t afford to ignore Fire Stopping

The UK market for fire stopping is substantial with double digit growth predicted in each of the next five years. Changes now coming into effect following the 2021 Fire Safety Act are fuelling some of that growth – and that’s not the only reason why builders merchants should consider stocking fire stopping products.

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Norseal is launching FrameFit, the ultimate gap remediation solution for fire doors and the quick and simple alternative to total replacement of defective, nominal, and notional fire doors with excessive gaps. The system has been fully and rigorously fire tested, making it the perfect answer to bring non-compliant doors into compliance on the spot.

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Door Terms Glossary

The world of doors is full of jargon so we have put together a handy glossary of terms. If you need help on anything technical then ask the experts:

Tel: 01661 830088

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Norseal Supports Great Cause at Charity Ball

Norseal is delighted to have supported the latest National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC) charity ball held to raise funds for Oasis Community Housing, a great cause that helps and supports homeless people in London and the North East, addressing both their immediate needs and the root causes of homelessness.

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Choosing the Right Intumescent

All intumescent strips are the same, right? Wrong! You might be surprised to know, that there’s a variety of different types that behave slightly differently and that it’s important to choose the right one for every application.

Intumescent strips should be fitted to fire doors so that, when they are exposed to the high temperatures of a fire they will intumesce (swell), expanding to close any gaps or edges and stopping the spread of smoke and flames giving people time to escape while the emergency services work.

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Top Tips for Fire Stopping – with Adrian from FSi

Fire safety in UK buildings – not just residential high rises is changing. The review of fire safety and construction after the Grenfell Tower disaster has pinpointed construction failures that contributed to buildings that were simply not fit for purpose. The recommendations that come from the Hackitt enquiry addressed these issues through the whole construction process, from the initial design stages through construction to handover and ongoing occupation.

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The Hidden Benefits Of Acoustic Drop Seals

At Norseal, we are all about acoustic sealing of doors. We can talk at length about the benefits of fitting an acoustic drop seal to a door – how a well sound proofed door can aid concentration in schools, productivity in offices, a peaceful night’s sleep, and happy guests in hotels…the list is endless.

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The most compact TS008 Letter Plate Ever – now from Norseal

The most compact TS008-compliant letter plate ever made – the TS008 Soterian Slim from UAP – is now available to order from Norseal.

Previous TS008-complaint letter plates have proved problematic due to their bulky design on the inside face of the door which sometimes makes it difficult to open the door to its full extent, restricting clear openings and compromising the door’s compliance with the Equality Act. The Soterian Slim overcomes this with a slimline design that combines practicality and aesthetics without compromising security and safety.

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Hatless Gasket Provides Slimline Fire Protection

Norseal, the number one door seal supplier, in collaboration with its partner Pyroplex, has developed a hatless version of its popular TF130 Glazing Gasket. The TF130 is an innovative and cost-effective solution for 30-minute fire resistant sealing of glazing vision panels in doors and screens. The TF130 is a slimline hatless seal, making it an unobtrusive choice.

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Norseal Hardware Kits Save Time and Hassle on Site

Hundreds of FD30 fire doors at a historic hotel in London’s Piccadilly have been fitted with a variety of Norseal intumescent and fire rated products, many of them made bespoke by Norseal, to make the job quicker, easier and trouble-free for joinery contractor NBJ.

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New Appointment Seals Success

We have further strengthened our specification team with the appointment of one of the door industry’s most experienced sales professionals as Head of Sales. Simon Sutton has been appointed as part of our continued commitment to offering customers the best service in the business.

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Our New Fire Department

We are excited to announce we are launching FireStopping by Norseal, a comprehensive range of passive fire protection products that will make any penetration through a wall or floor – such as pipes, wiring, ducts or fixings – safe, fire proof, and compliant. The FireStopping range includes pipes wraps, collars and sleeves, fire pillows, blocks and barriers, putty pads, fire batt and acrylic sealants, from suppliers including Pyroplex and Tenmat, all designed to halt the spread of fire through a building.

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Self Serve Opens Doors for Colquhoun’s

Colquhoun’s is one of Scotland’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of timber fire, acoustic, residential, and security entrance doors to clients across the UK for school, hospital, hotel and high-end residential projects.

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A Cut Above

We have become the first company in Europe to invest in develop a custom-made drop seal cutting machine. The machine will cut any drop seal to the exact size required, ready for next day delivery, without damaging it, and so keeping the fire, smoke and acoustic integrity of the door intact. Every door seal cut to size by us with its new equipment comes with a one million cycle guarantee.

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Introducing the Door Seal Bible

We have completely overhauled our product catalogue which is set to become the new ‘bible’ for purchasing door seals and ancillary products. The Catalogue features one of the widest ranges of seals on the market, plus it is packed with invaluable technical, specification and performance data. This will make it simple to select and specify a seal that is not only perfect for the application, but also fully compliant with legislation and regulations.

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Seal of Approval

When is a fire door not a fire door? When it has the incorrect seals fitted – or none at all! Who has responsibility for enduring that seal selection is correct and compliant? MD, Michael Spoors, answers some questions about that they are asked most frequently about fire door seals.

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Safe and Sound-free with Norseal

When Marriott International recently undertook a major refurbishment of their stunning London Kensington Hotel, the comfort and safety of their guests was a major consideration in their plans. Noise from inside the hotel – particularly from the corridor – is one of the most common causes of complaint from hotel guests, leading to tired and unhappy customers, so effective acoustic insulation of hotel bedroom doors is a vital consideration.

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Brexit Statement

It is very clear the current government are still pursuing Brexit on 31st October 2019 and whether the UK leaves with a deal or no deal the uncertainty of procurement and uninterrupted supply needs continual monitoring.

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Smoke Seals Halt The Silent Killer

We offer specifiers a comprehensive technical support package on the lifesaving matter of cold smoke seals. It is a sobering thought that more lives are lost in fires to smoke inhalation than burns. In buildings like hotels, care homes, hospitals, and apartments where multiple rooms are accessed off a central landing or corridor, smoke can creep with frightening speed through the tiniest gaps with potentially fatal consequences.

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Acoustic Doors – The Key to Hotel Peace

Noise from inside the hotel – particularly from the corridor – is one of the most common causes of complaint from hotel guests, leading to tired and unhappy customers who will never return, negative reviews, and potential loss of income.

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Norseal Seals are Safe and Sound for Sliding Doors

Finding a solution to the problematic challenge of acoustically sealing sliding doors has now been solved with a range of acoustic seals. We have created a range of solutions including the feature-packed Complete Sealing System which provides all round smoke and draft protection as well as acoustic insulation for the majority of sliding doors.

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Sound Advice

We have taken the hard work out of finding the right acoustic door seal with the launch of the latest version of Acoustic Selector.

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The Anatomy Of A Fire Door

When was the last time you considered a building’s safety aspects before walking into it? Everyday we enter buildings without a thought for where the fire exit is, let alone whether fire doors and seals have been fitted correctly.

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How To Fit An Intumescent Strip

The job of a fire door is to prevent the spread of fire from room to room, and the length of time the door will contain the fire is given in the fire rating of the door. An FD30 door will resist fire for 30 minutes and an FD60 door will resist fire for 60 minutes. The weak point of a fire door is the gap between the door and the frame, and this is where the presence of an intumescent strip is crucial.

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Visiting Fensterbau Frontale

Last week we joined our Athmer colleagues at Fensterbau Frontale, a trade show in Nuremberg, Germany. Fensterbau Frontale brings together professionals from all around the globe to talk windows, doors and facades. This year, there were over 110,000 visitors from 42 different countries. A huge gathering for any industry!

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Fire Safety Myths: Uncovered

Fire safety can save lives.

It’s crucial that everyone has a level of understanding about fire safety and how to keep safe.

But what happens when what you know about fire safety is wrong?

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The All New Acoustic Selector

If you’re not moving forward, you’re falling behind.

We’re excited to announce the latest update to Acoustic Selector. With new features that let you create projects and share reports, we know you’ll find the new Acoustic Selector more helpful than ever before.

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