The Inspect by Norseal app is more than just a fire door inspection tool. It is the only system that audits a door from cradle to grave, maintaining the all-important golden thread.

Starting with the door manufacturer who tags and logs the door as it comes off the production line, through life-time inspections and the door decommissioning, Inspect by Norseal logs, seamlessly audits and records every aspect of the door’s life via a secure cloud-based portal.

At the heart of Inspect by Norseal is an easy to navigate dashboard – available to manufacturer, inspector, and the door’s owner – that maintains ever door’s information in one place without the need for time-consuming report writing, cumbersome uploads or loss of data. Everything is stored, securely, in one place, available with just one click including risk assessment criteria, schedule of works and compliance certification.

Inspect by Norseal Offers:

For manufacturers: a secure audit facility for every door that stays with it through the door’s whole life

For inspectors: a risk-free, secure method of inspecting, auditing and logging inspection results

For door owners: an at-a-glance overview that helps to schedule maintenance programme, ensure compliance, and keep buildings and people safe