Intumescent Seal

Fire Only by Pyroplex

  • • BS 476-22
  • • BS EN 1634-1:2008
  • • Certifire CF355
  • • Easy to cut
  • • Protects against fire
  • • Rigid case for durability
  • • Self-adhesive backing
  • • Wet or dry applications
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Our best-selling intumescent strip comes fire-tested in accordance with BS 476: Part 22: 1987. It has a moisture resistant material that is suitable for both wet and dry applications on a range of single and double leaf door sets (please see our 'downloads' section for further information).

The Pyroplex® intumescent strip has a number of useful features, including a high tack self-adhesive backing and a compression gap on the back of the seal that gives the user the flexibility needed to fit the seal into those tighter gaps on site.

Intumescent seal sizes range from 10x4mm up to 38x4mm for those specialist applications. Supplied in a standard 2100mm length as well as 1050mm and 3000mm, this fire door seal can easily be cut to size.

1050mm Codes
Size Grey Black Platinum Cream Brown White
10x4 104FOG-1050 104FOBK-1050 104FOP-1050 104FOC-1050 104FOB-1050 104FOW-1050
15x4 154FOG-1050 154FOBK-1050 154FOP-1050 154FOC-1050 154FOB-1050 154FOW-1050
20x4 204FOG-1050 204FOBK-1050 204FOP-1050 204FOC-1050 204FOB-1050 204FOW-1050
25x4 254FOG-1050 254FOBK-1050 254FOP-1050 254FOC-1050 254FOB-1050 254FOW-1050
30x4 - 304FOBK-1050 - 304FOC-1050 304FOB-1050 304FOW-1050
38x4 - 384FOBK-1050 - - 384FOB-1050 384FOW-1050
2100mm Codes
Size Grey Black Platinum Cream Brown White
10x4 104FOG 104FOBK 104OFP 104FOC 104FOB 104FOW
15x4 154FOG 154FOBK 154FOP 154FOC 154FOB 154FOW
20x4 204FOG 204FOBK 204FOP 204FOC 204FOB 204FOW
25x4 254FOG 254FOBK 254FOP 254FOC 254FOB 254FOW
30x4 - 304FOBK   304FOC 304FOB 304FOW
38x4 - 384FOBK     384FOB 384FOW
3000mm codes
Size Grey Black Platinum Cream Brown White
10x4 - 104FOBK-3000 - - 104FOB-3000 104FOW-3000
15x4 - 154FOBK-3000 - - 154FOB-3000 154FOW-3000
20x4 - 204FOBK-3000 - - 204FOB-3000 204FOW-3000
Can this be used in single and double doors?

Yes, this product is suitable for single and double action leaf doors.

Does the product require any routing to the surface to be applied to?

Yes, this product is rebated into the door frame or door leaf. The size of the rout depends upon the size of the intumescent being used.

Is this product for latched doors only?

No, this product can be used on latched and unlatched doors.

How is this product fixed?

The intumescent strip has a high-tack self-adhesive backing, which will stick securely into the rebate. 

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