IF30 Intumescent

Fire Only by Sealmaster

  • • 30 minute fire rated
  • • BS 476-22
  • • Easy fit
  • • Protects against fire

IF30 is the basic intumescent fire seal in the Sealmaster range. It is used where primary protection is needed, to single and double leaves and single and double acting doorsets, and is specified for use on FD30 fire doors.

The seal consists of an extruded aluminium alloy profile with a single reservoir of Sealmaster Intumescent material. In new doorsets, the seal is rebated into the head and jambs of the door frame, and is aligned with the centre of the door edge. Where IF30 is fitted to an existing door assembly, the top rail and stiles of the door are easily rebated. The seal is interrupted at the hinges and lock/latch plate positions, and protection at these points is normally not essential for FD30 doors, see BS 8214.

As the fire develops and reaches the IF30 seal, the intumescent material foams, swells and fills the gaps between the door and the frame. Since the foam remains soft during the period of intumescent action, it does not prevent the door from being opened by firefighters and the copious reserves ensure that the gap will be re-sealed should the door distort for any reason.

Fitting Instructions
Length Code
1050mm IF30
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