Intumescent Offset Flipper

Fire & Smoke by Pyroplex

  • • BS 476 part 20:22
  • • BS 476 part 31:1
  • • Protects against fire
  • • Protects against smoke
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Pyroplex's Offset Flipper range gives all of the normal benefits of bladed seals, whilst also allowing for a continuous smoke seal that remains uninterrupted by the hinge. Certain specifications request this ‘belt and braces’ approach and for these contracts OF offers a versatile low cost solution to the problem.

A major benefit of the OF range is its unique angled blade, offering ultra low resistance for doors that create low resistance to the opening and closing forces of the door. This helps the door to be compliant with relevant standards such as Approved Document M.

2100mm Codes
Size Grey Black Cream Brown White
10x4 104OFG 104OFBK 104OFC 104OFB 104OFW
15x4 154OFG 154OFBK 154OFC 154OFB 154OFW
20x4 204OFG* 204OFBK 204OFC 204OFB 204OFW

* Special order

3000mm Codes
Size Black Brown White
10x4 104OFBK-3000 104OFB-3000 104OFW-3000
15x4 154OFBK-3000 154OFB-3000 154OFW-3000