We’re lucky to live in a country with such a long and rich history, and it’s important to preserve the historical architecture around us.

Historic building rehabilitation is the act of altering a historical property to meet modern demands without damaging the building’s historical character.

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With the upcoming Christmas holiday break, Norseal would like to remind business owners, school officials and commercial landlords of the opportunity to improve health and safety in buildings.

While people are on leave, completing some quick construction updates can make a significant impact on future health and safety levels.

Norseal offer a range of products that reduce the risk of fire, this includesintumescent stripsglazing seals, fire protection for electrical and plumbing, as well as grillesletterplates and other fire-proof building components, which are too often overlooked.

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Norseal were recently invited to join the Julius Cronenberg Sophienhammer(JCS) group for a volleyball tournament in Arnsberg, Germany. The friendly tournament is hosted annually and includes teams representing the different companies within the JCS group. It is a family orientated event with staff members encouraged to bring partners and children to support the volleyball games, enjoy food, music and drinks.

In the hope of finding some hidden sporting talent among the Norseal staff. 5 employees, with a total of zero minutes volleyball experience between them, took the short flight over to Germany to showcase their skills.

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