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Norseal were recently invited to join the Julius Cronenberg Sophienhammer(JCS) group for a volleyball tournament in Arnsberg, Germany. The friendly tournament is hosted annually and includes teams representing the different companies within the JCS group. It is a family orientated event with staff members encouraged to bring partners and children to support the volleyball games, enjoy food, music and drinks.

In the hope of finding some hidden sporting talent among the Norseal staff. 5 employees, with a total of zero minutes volleyball experience between them, took the short flight over to Germany to showcase their skills.

When the team arrived they were given a warm welcome and introduction and were soon playing their first match.

I wasn’t sure exactly what to expect when I arrived at the volleyball tournament but once I got there and realised there was no pressure I got playing and I really enjoyed it!

Alan Spark, Warehouse Manager

We will not dwell on the actual volleyball score for too long other than to say the Norseal team give 100%, really enjoyed it and received a big cheer when they scored a point!

We were made to feel welcome and part of the group the second we arrived and it was great to meet our new colleagues!

Neil Smeatom, Head of Technology

The trip was part of the Norseal integration with the JCS group and was an ideal opportunity to get to know new colleagues and find out more about the history of Sophienhammer.

There was also opportunity to visit the old city town of Arnsberg, theMöhnesee Lake & dam and the City of Soest.

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