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With the upcoming Christmas holiday break, Norseal would like to remind business owners, school officials and commercial landlords of the opportunity to improve health and safety in buildings.

While people are on leave, completing some quick construction updates can make a significant impact on future health and safety levels.

Norseal offer a range of products that reduce the risk of fire, this includesintumescent stripsglazing seals, fire protection for electrical and plumbing, as well as grillesletterplates and other fire-proof building components, which are too often overlooked.

Most of these products are quickly and easily fitted by professional installers to provide a much higher level of fire protection. For example, an intumescent glazing seal can stop or prolong the spread of fire from room to room by swelling in the incident of a fire.

NORfast fire and smoke seal is quick and easy to fit and effectively creates a seal between the door and the stop. This seal is capable of expanding or swelling (intumescing) under extreme heat, which provides a greater seal in the event of fire.

Building owners and administrators can be proactive with fire safety with simple installation of intumescent strips on doors and windows.

Schools can also utilise the holiday period to improve their facilities by installing additional child safety features.

Norseal offer a range of finger protection products that can assist in preventing the thousands of accidents that happen in the UK every year from trapped fingers in doors.

The Norseal Finger Wizard full set comes with mounted solutions for both sides of the door, a large cover for the opening side gap as well as a smaller knuckle protector for the smaller gap created on the other side of the hinge.

Further recommended child safety products include corner guards, which prevent children from knocking their heads on sharp corners, as well as the NORtable corner guard for table corners.

Take advantage of the break before the New Year to complete any upgrades to your facilities.

Note - our products are designed to be fitted by professionals, please seek assistance from a qualified tradesperson to correctly install any Norseal product.

Get in touch with Norseal to learn more about our products for fire prevention, acoustic resistance and child safety.

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