Aquamac 21

Weather Seal by Schlegel

  • • BS644/BBA approved
  • • Durable materials
  • • Excellent shape memory
  • • Impervious to paint and stain
  • • Improves energy efficiency
  • • Schlegel lifetime guarantee
  • • Unaffected by rot, mould or mildew
  • • Weather barrier
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The Aquamac 21 foam weather seal is a specifically designed weather seal for timber and PVC doors and windows. It is the premium quality solution for keeping the best of the British weather at bay.

Made of a water-repelling foam material, the Aquamac works best grooved into a rout in the door or window frame and is able to compress and make a weather tight seal once a door or window closes onto it.

Colour Code
Brown AQU21B
White AQU21W
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