Tempest (SK/SL)

Perimeter Seal by Sealmaster

A surface mounted stop seal for the rebated meeting stiles of pairs of doors. 

Tempest seals are specifically designed for use on rebated meeting stiles of pairs of doors, primarily French doors or other situations where the opening element and the frame are flush.

These seals, used in conjunction with other appropriate stop and seals are suitable for situations where control of smoke / gas / air leakage is important. 

The base holder, which accommodates one of the range of flexible neoprene seal inserts, is screw fixed to the required surface. 

These screw fixings are then hidden by the cover section, which is available in a choice of ribbed or piped finishes to match the Sealmaster sections e.g.Tempest SKS/088 matches Cyclone TDS/WDS.

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