Perimeter Seal by Norsound

  • • 1,000,000 cycle test
  • • Anti-microbial additive
  • • BS 476-31.1
  • • Dual air pocket technology
  • • Protects against smoke
  • • Quick installation
  • • Retro fit
  • • Sound reduction up to 54dBRw
  • • Stylish ultra smooth blades
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Designed to fit into a kerf (saw cut) in the door stop, this perimeter seal can increase the acoustic performance of a standard fire door whilst also providing additional protection against cold smoke.

It consists of a semi-rigid base with 2 flexible blades of optimum angles, these flexible blades act like triple glazing giving maximum acoustic performance along with smoke seal capabilities compliant with BS 476: Part 31: 1983 and energy saving properties.

The NOR710STOP provides a continuous acoustic seal not broken by hinges or latches and is also highly durable being tested to 1,000,000 cycle tests.

Colour Code
Brown NOR710ST/2100/BR
Black NOR710ST/2100/BK
Grey NOR710ST/2100/GR
White NOR710ST/2100/WH
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