Perimeter Seal by Norsound

  • • 1,000,000 cycle test
  • • Anti-microbial additive
  • • BS 476-31.1
  • • Dual air pocket technology
  • • Protects against smoke
  • • Quick installation
  • • Sound reduction up to 54dBRw
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This revolutionary friction fit seal increases acoustic performance of a standard fire rated door simply and effectively. Its design is based on ‘dual air pocket technology’ which acts in the same way as double or triple glazing.

The NOR710FR also has smoke seal capabilities in accordance with BS 476: Part 31: 1983. It provides a continuous acoustic seal not broken by hinges or latches. We have cycle tested the NOR710FR acoustic seal up to an impressive 1,000,000 opening and closing cycles.

The NOR710FR has been designed to fit into the door frame.

Colour Code
Brown NOR710FRB
Black NOR710FRBK
White NOR710FRW
Would I require a separate smoke seal if I use the NOR 710FR?

No. Since the NOR 710FR is a continuous acoustic seal it acts as a smoke seal, in fact in some ways acting better than standard intumescent smoke seals!

What size rout does the seal fit into?

The NOR 710FR will fit into a standard kerf fitting of 3mm wide and 8mm deep into the frame.

Can I use the NOR 710FR on latched doorsets?

Yes, due to the fitment position of this seal it is unaffected by standard door furniture.

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