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Smoke kills. It’s dangerous and deadly but when it comes to fire safety the first thing that usually comes to mind is protection from heat and flames. Smoke, the silent killer, often gets forgotten.


Most fire deaths are actually caused by smoke inhalation, not burns.


While fire doors work hard at holding back fire, smoke can fill a room incredibly quickly and find its way out through the tiniest of gaps. This gives it the ability to move freely away from a fire and travel from room to room.


In buildings with a layout of a central corridor that gives access to many rooms (think hotels, schools, hospitals, residential apartments, etc) smoke spreading can have horrific consequences. Once it’s made it way to the corridor the smoke can then travel to multiple rooms, endangering lives in many different rooms all at once. This is just one scenario where innovative intumescent strips with smoke seals are essential.


Smoke seals prevent smoke from travelling room to room, giving you more escape time in the event of a fire. Or, in the terrifying scenario where escape isn’t possible, it can give the fire brigade more time to find and rescue you. There’s no doubt about it, intumescent strips with smoke seals save lives.


How Do Intumescent Strips Work?

An intumescent strip (or intumescent seal) is a piece of material fitted around a doorway that when exposed to heat, expands closing any gaps around the door to stop the fire spreading for a period of time. Intumescent strips usually come with either 30 or 60 minutes of resistance to fire.


The issue with this is that smoke doesn’t necessarily mean heat. Should the smoke from a fire advance it, other fire doors in the building may still have gaps around them as they’ve not yet been exposed to the heat of the fire, allowing cold smoke to pass through the gaps. This is why it’s best to have your fire doors fitted with intumescent seals that can stop both fire and smoke.


Not only do smoke seals protect in the event of smoke they also have other great everyday benefits like keeping drafts out and even reducing noise. Perfect for buildings with an environmentally friendly focus as well as those where noise reduction is of benefit, in order to allow concentration and productivity in schools and workplaces.


Popular smoke seal options include brush seals, like the Pyroplex Intumescent Brush, which work with timber doors, as well as single and double leaf door sets. It can also be used for both wet and dry applications and can be installed by a fitter or joiner.


Norseal Pyroplex Intumescent Brush Seal


Another option is single flipper intumescent strips like the Pyroplex Intumescent Single Flipper. They’re a great option for hygienic spaces like hospitals, restaurant and residential as they can easily be cleaned when spills occur helping to keep areas germ free.


Norseal Pyroplex Intumescent Single Flipper Seal


If you’ve been considering smoke protection but aren’t sure what solution is right for your building, get in touch. Our friendly team of experts would love to help make sure you get the right protection for your space.


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