For over 60 years, Norseal's parent company, Athmer oHG of Germany, has been recognised as the provider of choice for fire, smoke and acoustic door seals. From Arnsberg, Germany, Athmer became a key partner to Norseal and Norsound in July of 2015.

Athmer trademarks such as Kältefeind ® and Schall-Ex ® have become synonymous with automatic drop seals.

They offer a wide range of safety products for doors as well as finger protection.

As a company, its mission is to constantly improve the design and technology of door seals. Planners, builders, manufacturers and end users have shown confidence both in the quality of its products and in Athmer’s comprehensive product range.

Athmer belongs to the JCS-Company Group, which for more than 300 years has been family owned. It is now run by the 10th generation of the JCS family.

The JCS-Company Group owns several companies and stands for longtime investments.

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