Technology is paramount for Norseal, it drives the company in all areas. It is important that we stay at the forefront of technology and therefore we are always looking to improve and adopt the latest technology.

It is the importance we place on our customers which is the single most important factor for our constant improvement within technology. We acknowledge that our customers time is valuable and that they may require technical help, product information or to place an order no matter where they are in the world and no matter what device they are using.

Research & Design

Our Research & Development team focus on the investigation of product materials, product performance and durability. Much time is spent researching building regulations and requirements and providing in depth reporting and analysis for technical documents.

The team also work on new product design ideas and initial concepts.


The Development Team take initial research ideas and concepts and bring these to life using our in house computer aided design suite. This allows us to model our ideas in "real-world" scenarios to examine the finer details.

We are committed to moving forward and adopting the latest technology and that is why our websites and applications are built using the latest web technologies and frameworks. Technologies such as HTML5, SASS, Ruby on Rails, ExpressJS, Node.js, ReactJS, AngularJS and testing code and user experience using RSpec, Test Unit, Mocha, Chai and Jasmine.


This area is where our ideas and designs come to life for real through CAD packages and various 3D simulation software.
Our websites and applications are subject to regular updates to ensure we are able to offer the best user experience.

We also like to inform our customers of our recent efforts through regular news articles, emails and site visits.


Our Testing Team provide first class fire and acoustic testing using the latest available monitoring technology at the leading laboratories in the country. We work alongside our customers and can help to arrange and participate in various test programs relating to customer requirements.

All of our web and app development work is fully tested prior to launch to ensure as good as possible user experience.