Complete sealing system

Sliding Door Seal by Athmer

  • • Acoustic sealing
  • • Automatic sealing top and bottom
  • • Glass and timber solutions
  • • Protects against draughts
  • • Protects against smoke
  • • Suitable for all common hardware types

Complete sealing systems for sliding doors.

Full perimeter sealing of most sliding door applications, regardless of door and frame construction.

A comprehensive range of vertical seals allowing for concealed ompression seal, magnetic seal and surface mounted seal solutions.

Mortise or surface variant provide cover for the majority of applications. Bespoke sealing to suit non standard doors available.

Effective sealing providing smoke, acoustic, easy access and draught protection.

  • Automatic sealing top and bottom
  • Sealing to wall using vertical perimeter seals
  • Suitable for all common hardware systems
  • Minimal opening / closing forces
  • Latched and unlatched
  • Pocket application
  • Glass and timber solutions


Length Code
708mm VHH-M-12-SET-708
833mm VHH-M-12-SET-833
958mm VHH-M-12-SET-958
1083mm VHH-M-12-SET-1083
1208mm VHH-M-12-SET-1208
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