Schall-Ex® Slide GS-A

Automatic Drop Seal by Athmer

  • • 1,000,000 cycle test
  • • Easy to clean
  • • Retro fit
  • • Self-adhesive backing
  • • Self-levelling
  • • Suitable for glass doors thicker than 6mm

The Schall-Ex® Slide GS-A is both functional and beautiful, designed to protect glass doors without compromising on aesthetics.

It provides fire protection, smoke protection, sound protection and is suitable for use with accessibility doors.

Its self adhesive backing makes it easy to install and the Schall-Ex® Slide GS-A can be retrofitted.

Simple to clean and self levelling, this seal is the perfect choice for glass doors with a minimum thickness of 6mm.

Manufacturer Datasheet
Fitting Instructions
Length Code
708mm 1-875-708
833mm 1-875-833
958mm 1-875-958
1083mm 1-875-1083
1208mm 1-875-1208