Twin Seal TS Intumescent

Fire & Smoke by Lorient

  • • BS 476-22
  • • BS 476-31.1
  • • Protects against fire
  • • Protects against smoke
  • • Quick installation

Lorient twin seal intumescent strips come fire and smoke tested in accordance with both BS 476 Part 20:22 & Part 31:1. The intumescent seal contains a core material of hydrated sodium silicate (also known as type 617).

Rubber fins make this seal a popular application in hospitals, food preparation areas and computer rooms.

Our sales team can also inform you of any specialist finishes that can be made to order if required.

2100mm Codes
Size Black Cream Brown White
10x4 LP1004TSBK LP1004TSC* LP1004TSB LP1004TSW
15x4 LP1504TSBK LP1504TSC* LP1504TSB LP1504TSW
20x4 LP2004TSBK LP2004TSC* LP2004TSB LP2004TSW
25x4 LP2504TSBK* LP2504TSC* LP2504TSB* LP2504TSW*
30x4 LP3004TSBK* LP3004TSC* LP3004TSB* LP3004TSW*
38x4 LP3804TSBK* LP3804TSC* LP3804TSB* LP3804TSW*
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