Intumescent Brush

Fire & Smoke by Pyroplex

  • • BS 476 part 20:22
  • • BS 476 part 31:1
  • • Easy fit
  • • Easy to clean
  • • Protects against fire
  • • Protects against smoke
  • • Wet or dry applications
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Pyroplex’s fire and smoke intumescent strip combines intumescent material with a brush pile to prevent the transfer of both fire and smoke from one side of a timber door to another.

This product has been fire tested to standards defined in BS 476: Part 22: 1987 as well as smoke tested in accordance with BS 476: Part 31: 1987 and carries an additional amount of third party approval on both single and double leaf door sets (please see our 'downloads' section).

All intumescent seals come with a high tack self-adhesive backing and can be cut to size for easy installation.

Pyroplex intumescent seal comes with black brush as standard. 

2100mm Codes
Size Grey Black Platinum Cream Brown White Red
10x4 104FSG 104FSBK 104FSP 104FSC 104FSB 104FSW** 104FSR*
15x4 154FSG 154FSBK 154FSP 154FSC 154FSB 154FSW** 154FSR*
20x4 204FSG 204FSBK 204FSP 204FSC 204FSB 204FSW** 204FSR*
25x4 254FSG 254FSBK 254FSP 254FSC 254FSB 254FSW 254FSR*
30x4 304FSG* 304FSBK*   304FSC* 304FSB 304FSW 304FSR*
38x4 384FSG* 384FSBK*   384FSC* 384FSB 384FSW 384FSR*

* Special order

** Available in white carrier with white brush

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