NOR270 Hinge Knuckle Protector (discontinued)

Finger Protection by Norsound

  • • Durable materials
  • • Easy to clean
  • • Fast installation
  • • Suitable for heavy duty environments

This product has been discontinued.

You can still download documents relating to this product.

The NOR270 Knuckle protector is a slimline aluminium safety device that slides into the gap between the door and frame to eliminate the chances of someone getting their finger/knuckle caught when the door closes.

The protector consists of a thin blade which carries a self-adhesive strip, for easy fitment, along with a circular bulb to block the gap and reduce the risk of accidents

How does it work?

By fixing between the door edge (hinge side) and the door stop, the 'bulb' on the Knuckle Protector eliminates the gap, reducing the risk of accidents.

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