Finger Protection by Norsound

  • • 1,000,000 cycle test
  • • Available ex-stock
  • • Fast installation
  • • Low cost
  • • opening capacity of up to 180°
  • • Retro fit
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Norsound's NOR200 is part of Norsound's finger protection range.

The NOR200 is an alternative to the Finger Wizard range, offering increased durability and 180° maximum opening capacity. It can be mounted onto the door and doorframe which prevents accidents from children’s fingers being pinched, crushed or even amputated between the door. The protector is available in white or brown and in a single set (for the hinge opening side of the door) or a full set (for both sides).

There are a number of different applications that this finger protector are useful for, including swing doors and pivot doors on top of the usual flat doors and frames.These finger protectors are also applicable to metal, PVC and wood doors, giving the applicator plenty of options.

Crucially, the NOR200 has a maximum opening capacity of 180° for flush doors, which is larger than the Finger Wizard alternative, and 170° for rebated doors This is vital to the long-term durability of the protector on doors that swing past 110°.

Length Colour Code
1950mm White NOR200/W
1950mm Brown NOR200/B
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