Automatic Drop Seal by Norsound

  • • Acoustic sealing
  • • Parallel drop technology
  • • Prevents heat escaping and draughts entering
  • • Quick installation
  • • Robust TPE seal
  • • Sound reduction up to 46dBRw
  • • Suitable for use on fire doors

An efficient & compact high performance acoustic seal.

The new NOR810S+ automatic drop seal is specifically designed and manufactured by Norsound in Germany.

This DIY friendly door bottom seal is used to improve acoustic performance and boasts features that are geared towards enhancing the end user's fitting experience - It is the perfect seal for door manufacturers and joinery outfits alike.

Pre-fitted screws fixed into the bottom of the product are designed for ease of installation, giving you the ability to enhance the efficiency and comfort of any space quickly, whether it be an office, living area, school or hospital.

Use this seal in conjunction with Norsound acoustic perimeter seals in order to provide the best acoustic performances possible, compliant with both Document 'E' and BB93.



Fitting the seal has never been easier.

Pre-fitted screws fitted to the underside of the product are ready for drilling straight into the door.

A hollowed-out end cap on the non-actuator side gives enough space for the drop mechanism, even after cutting the product to size.

The actuator can also be fully removed to aid installation of a door on site.


Parallel Drop Technology

This seal benefits from Norsound's new parallel drop technology.

Once actuated, the seal drops equally at both ends, assisting a smooth operation and better contact with the floor during everyday use.

As well as this feature, the seal still has-levelling capabilities that allow it to automatically adjust to a sloped flooring if required.



Adjustment has been made much easier - by one of two ways either using a PZ screwdriver or by hand.

The option to fully remove the actuator means you can deactivate the drop seal when required, particularly useful if fitting doors to an unfinished site project.

Once deactivated, the seal will be protected during the construction phase by preventing contact with dirt and grit on the floor.


Manufacturer Datasheet
Fitting Instructions
Length Code
425mm NOR810S+425
525mm NOR810S+525
625mm NOR810S+625
725mm NOR810S+725
825mm NOR810S+825
925mm NOR810S+925
1025mm NOR810S+1025
1125mm NOR810S+1125
1225mm NOR810S+1225
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