Sound proofing can be a daunting task. How can you determine which acoustic door seals or acoustic perimeter seals will produce the right acoustic resistance in your specific space?

We’ve done the work for you. Learn how to utilise our acoustic calculator and test data in order to determine the best solutions for your acoustic needs.

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As with most aspects of our lives, technology is playing an increasingly conspicuous role in helping to prevent fires in the home or workplace –or at least helping to limit the damage caused by fires.

Fire safety technology has come a long way in the past ten years, and at Norseal we take product development and innovation very seriously.

That’s why we have the best range of smoke and fire door seals on the market. Our intumescent strips expand with heat to prevent smoke and fire ingress in a variety of applications.

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Norseal were recently invited to join the Julius Cronenberg Sophienhammer(JCS) group for a volleyball tournament in Arnsberg, Germany. The friendly tournament is hosted annually and includes teams representing the different companies within the JCS group. It is a family orientated event with staff members encouraged to bring partners and children to support the volleyball games, enjoy food, music and drinks.

In the hope of finding some hidden sporting talent among the Norseal staff. 5 employees, with a total of zero minutes volleyball experience between them, took the short flight over to Germany to showcase their skills.

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Norsound has unveiled a new range of safety equipment for the home and office that will help to reduce the seriousness of injuries to children.

Safety organisation RoSPA says two million children in the UK each year are admitted to hospital because of accidents in the home – with countless more accidents taking place in public buildings such as schools, nurseries and libraries.

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Norseal store hundreds of CADs for their products. CADs are an important piece of any design and construction process.

As Norseal continue to grow, customers often ask us to provide CADs for products as our website distributes these across multiple product pages.

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