Thank you to our customers for their patience during the flooding incident we experienced in December.

After our premises were flooded last month, we were left in quite a tough situation, as much of our staff had to move their work stations and we had to relocate most of the stock from our warehouse.

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The features on the front door of a home or office could put residents at risk of a number of issues, including environmental and criminal risks.

Outdated letterplates may put residents at risk of increased fire danger. Fire and smoke can spread between flats, rooms or buildings via the letterbox.

Letterboxes with poor security features can even pose an opportunity for an attempt at arson. Sound can also easily travel through thin letterboxes, meaning that even the thickest of doors may not prevent unwanted noise inside the premises.

However, there is no need to fret: these risks can easily be moderated with an affordable and quick upgrade to the letterbox, letterplate or door viewer.

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