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Last week we joined our Athmer colleagues at Fensterbau Frontale, a trade show in Nuremberg, Germany. Fensterbau Frontale brings together professionals from all around the globe to talk windows, doors and facades. This year, there were over 110,000 visitors from 42 different countries. A huge gathering for any industry!

It’s not often we get to join our Athmer colleagues in person so we took advantage of the opportunity, spending time immersing ourselves in the new range of acoustic products; Schall-Ex drop seals, sliding door seals for glass and timber doors, sealing solutions for pivot doors as well as finger protection solutions. We’re excited to now offer these fantastic products ourselves and can’t wait to share these solutions with you.

Walking around Fensterbau Frontale it was really clear to see what an innovative and forward thinking industry we’re a part of. There was such a focus on safety, energy efficiency, sustainability as well as design. All really important aspects for the continued growth and development of our industry. Using technology to advance our products is at the heart of what we do and I’m really excited to see not just where Norseal will be in five years, but where the industry as a whole will be in five years.

Our Athmer team did a fantastic job our showcasing some of our most popular products, including our highly rated Schall-Ex range. If you ever have a chat with one of our team, you’ll discover for yourself the depth and breadth of their knowledge when it comes to safety and acoustics. 

If you’re in the window, door or facade industries, we recommend getting yourself along to the next Fensterbau Frontale in 2020.

Now that our team are back in the office, we’re all keen to talk more about our new range of products with you. If you’re interested in finding out more about these innovative solutions get in touch and we’ll be more than happy to have a chat or drop by for a visit to help you find the right seal solution for your project.

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