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Happy New Year from the entire team here at Norseal!  

To reflect on 2016, we’ll take a look at the top stories on fire protection, child safety and acoustic resistance from the last year.  

Why sharp corners are dangerous to children [warning: graphic images]

An unfortunate incident demonstrates the need for corner guards to protect children’s heads against bumps on sharp corners in homes, nurseries, or schools.

How to keep office spaces quiet

Utilising acoustic door seals in office buildings could increase productivity, comfort and employee satisfaction. Find out why in this blog post from the Norseal team.

The significance of acoustics in architectural design

Why is sound included in building regulations – and how does it impact space? 

Understanding passive fire protection terminology

This year, we introduced a new website feature that features a glossary that details the terminology surrounding passive fire protection and use of intumescent strips. Fitters, joiners or architects can find this useful glossary here.  

What is cold smoke – and how do intumescent strips help?

Smoke inhalation during a fire can be just as deadly as the fire itself. Smoke can be stopped from spreading room to room with the use of intumescent seals – find out how in this blog post.

Integrating fire safety into architectural design

In our series on holistic architecture, we consider the impact fire safety professionals can make by becoming involved in construction at the initial stages of architectural design.

2016’s smart buildings

Learn how technology has influenced architecture throughout the last year in this feature.


Find all of the latest health and safety information in the Norseal blog.

We look forward to working with you in the New Year!