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Norsound have carried out in excess of 200 sound attenuating tests in conjunction with a wide range of door constructions.

Single leaf, single action, double leaf (pairs), double action configurations, glazed, unglazed, doors with letterboxes in, the works!

All testing has been carried out to the requirements of BS EN IS0 140: 3: 1995.

The fundamentals of the BS EN IS0 140-3 test are quite simple:

- A specimen is placed between a sound transmitting room and a sound receiving room
- Sound is generated over a range of frequencies in the transmitting room
- The sound pressure levels (loudness) of the sound are measured in the receiving room after passing through the specimen
- The received sound pressure levels are deducted from the transmitted sound pressure levels to determine the sound pressure loss at each of the tested frequencies

In addition to providing for cost effective sealing systems for acoustic doorset applications, a design requirement to satisfy Norsound specifications is that the seals should be simple to use and provide for minimal interference with the operation of the doors.

To provide for a consistent basis for comparisons testing, Norsound carried out tests based upon the use of a 2040 x 926mm door size. This is the largest single leaf door size described by reference to BS 4787 Pt. 1.

Visit the Norsound Test Data Selector to view a comprehensive range of test and assessment data.