Norseal’s commitment to excellence in our product offerings is unquestionable; as experts in passive fire protection, we guarantee that our products function to the highest standard based on rigorous testing.

Our customer care rivals our immaculate product offering. We dedicate an account manager per customer who can offer personalised, expert advice and provide the best solution to your specific needs. Moreover, we offer next-day delivery, free on orders over £150, quickly fulfilling our customers’ needs. We have built a team whose values focus on customer service and promote the highest standard of customer care.

Norseal is recognised as an industry leader in intumescent products and door seals. This is thanks to our achievements in innovating new, market-leading products. Backed by a team of product geniuses and supplying modern digital tools, such as our CAD library and Acoustic Calculator, Norseal offers the highest level of innovation in the passive fire protection and safety products.

Our desire to innovate means that we are dedicated to consistently improving our product line and service offerings. Norseal continues to develop better prevention for fire, excess noise, smoke and excess injury, combining product benefits to offer a full range of protective products for our customers.

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